Tiwi Forestry, Melville Island, Northern Territory

The Tiwi forestry plantations on Melville island will provide jobs and much-needed income for Tiwi people. In managing their plantations and bringing them to harvest, Tiwi are totally committed to protecting the unique natural values of their islands, the land and the sea, and the Tiwi culture.

Tiwi Triumph Against The Odds
2016 Winner
After winning the 2016 Chief Minister’s NT Export & Industry Awards, Excellence in Export, even the toughest of business people are taking their hats off to the Tiwi Islanders nowadays. More

Tiwi Vision

Creating an independent Tiwi economy and providing long-term protection of Tiwi natural resources


Forestry Project

The Tiwi forestry starts many thousands of years ago, with Tiwi people using their forests to support their culture, their ceremony and their way of life.


Managing the Enviroment

Nothing is more important to Tiwi people than their environment. The forestry project has played a major role in helping to look after it.


Looking after Tiwi environment, looking after Tiwi jobs