Project Future

There are nearly 30,000 hectares of Acacia mangium plantations owned by Tiwi Traditional Owners. The plantations will be replanted annually to provide an ongoing source of material for harvesting and income in future years.

Hybrid eucalypts are being trialled for replanting purposes.

Acacia mangium

There are concerns that Acacia mangium can act like a weed. That’s why Tiwi Plantations has sought expert advice on the best crop to grow and Tiwi Plantations may switch to another crop, such as eucalypts. In the meantime, we carry out ongoing monitoring of areas around and downstream of plantations for incursions.

Tourism & Art Centres

Tourism and art centres are valuable sources of income and important for maintaining our culture, but they don’t generate a significant income.
There has never been any shortage of people telling the Tiwi what to do, but the Tiwi people don’t want to live on welfare and hand-outs. That’s why we have been so determined to attract investment in big projects that can support significant workforces and generate economies.

The Future of the Project

The main focus at the moment is doing studies to determine soil types and water sources on the Tiwi Islands to guide future forestry and horticulture. There are many things to consider, such as where is the arable soil, what crops are most suitable, how do we spread the benefits across all Tiwi land-owning groups and how do we find the right balance between environmental protection and development.

There are no immediate plans to expand the forestry project. If so, Tiwi Plantations would have to apply for the appropriate environmental approvals.

Looking after Tiwi environment, looking after Tiwi jobs